Attention:  Sharon Township Board of Trustees minutes are generated by the Fiscal Officer and are then approved by the Board of Trustees during a regularly scheduled meeting.   There are times when the approval of minutes will be delayed.

The 2017 Board of Trustees minutes are below:

1st Quarter 2017  2017 1st Quarter Minutes

2nd Quarter 2017  2017 2nd Quarter Minutes

July 5, 2017   20170705_Minutes_Sharon Township

July 12, 2017    20170712_Minutes_Sharon Township

July 18, 2017   20170718_Minutes_Sharon Township

August 2, 2017   20170802_Minutes_Sharon Township

August 4, 2017  20170804_Minutes_Sharon Township

August 16, 2017   20170816_Minutes_Sharon Township

September 6, 2017  20170906_Minutes_Sharon Township