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Donald E. Schwind has been the Chief of Police since May 6, 1996.  He was born and raised in Franklin County, Ohio.  He enlisted in the United States Army in February 1966 and honorably discharged in April 1969.  He served in Vietnam from June, 1967 to June 1968; he also served a five month tour… Read More

Thomas A. Kayati is a lifelong resident of Sharon Township and the City of Worthington.  His employment with the Township started in August of 1979.  He was promoted to Supervisor in 1981 and became the Road Superintendent in 1992. During his tenure as Superintendent, Mr. Kayati has secured grant funding to greatly improve the roadways… Read More

(614) 885-5115 x403 Email John John S. O’Keeffe was re-elected to a 2nd term as the Sharon Township Fiscal Officer in November 2015. He was born in Port Chester, New York and grew up in Columbus. John graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Franklin University. He has worked in the public and… Read More

(614) 885-5115 x402 Email John John H. Oberle has been a trustee since 2006.  Mr. Oberle is a partner with the Ice Miller law firm helping clients deal with the complexities of government and spent 10 years with the State of Ohio working for the Governor’s office and the Ohio Department of Commerce.  With his… Read More

(614) 885-5115 x402 Email Laura Laura Kunze grew up in Worthington and has resided in the unincorporated area (Mount Air) since 2011. She works in healthcare administration and real estate. Laura earned her MBA (masters in business administration) from The Ohio State University. Laura is a passionate advocate for her community, its people, and the… Read More

(614) 885-5115 x402 Email Lindsay I am your newest Sharon Township Trustee.  Like many of you, I am a wife and a mother.  Mike and I have two young children, Jack and Annie.   I am so excited to serve you, continue the great work already underway and make progress on our new goals for 2017. … Read More