The maintenance department provides several services, depending on the time of year.  They mow and trim vegetation that interfere with traffic and sight, repair and clean storm sewers, patch pavement, provide leaf collection, and snow removal on township roads. They are also responsible for installing/replacing street signs on township roads as needed. The township currently… Read More

When digging (excavating) within the Township right-of-way you will need a Permit to Excavate from Sharon Township. To download the application form click here Township Excavation Guidelines All building permits, Zoning, and Development in Sharon Township is done through the: Franklin County Economic Development and Planning 150 South Front Street FSL Suite 10 Columbus,… Read More

Sharon Township participates in the Franklin County Resurfacing Program, the County groups all participating Townships into one contract for bidding purposes.  Grouping all the Townships together in one contract saves all participating Townships money.  The Road Superintendent meets yearly with the County Engineers representative to review the condition of Township roads.  Roads to be resurfaced… Read More

Thomas A. Kayati is a lifelong resident of Sharon Township and the City of Worthington.  His employment with the Township started in August of 1979.  He was promoted to Supervisor in 1981 and became the Road Superintendent in 1992. During his tenure as Superintendent, Mr. Kayati has secured grant funding to greatly improve the roadways… Read More

Snow removal is done on an as needed basis 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The Police Department monitors the road conditions and calls the Road Superintendent when service is required.  Sharon Township tries to minimize the use of salt by only applying the minimum amount of salt needed to keep the roads… Read More