The latest version of the Exterior Property Maintenance Code can be found here.

  • For livability
  • For property values
  • For good neighbor relations
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of issues are addressed by the Code?

  • Overgrown grass, weeds and noxious vegetation
  • Structural soundness and appearance of building exteriors
  • Exposed junk, trash and rubbish
  • Junk vehicles
  • Conditions that are hazardous and/or cause a “blighting effect”

How are possible code violations detected?

  • Observations or complaints reported by the public
  • Observations made by Code Enforcement staff
  • Reports from other public agencies

How can a possible code violation be reported?

What methods of Code Enforcement are used by the Township?

  • Courtesy Advisory – observational, non-binding, no deadline
  • Warning Citation – seeks voluntary compliance by a certain date
  • Notice of Violation – requires response and compliance by deadline, appealable
  • Referral for prosecution – only by vote of Township Trustees, following due process and non-compliance

Does the Code apply to both residential and commercial properties?

  • Yes.

Does the Code apply to issues inside houses or buildings?

Does Sharon Township issue Building Permits or have it own Zoning Resolution?

How can I keep my property Code-compliant?

  • Keep grass mowed, good vegetation trimmed and building exteriors in good repair and finish.
  • Avoid exposed accumulations of waste and rubbish and have trash receptacles at the curb only on collection day.
  • Junk vehicles = blight and possible violation. Best not to have any.
  • Prevent unhealthy and unsafe conditions from developing on your property.
  • Be sensitive to the effect your property’s appearance has on its value and on that of others.