Sharon Township participates in the Franklin County Resurfacing Program, the County groups all participating Townships into one contract for bidding purposes.  Grouping all the Townships together in one contract saves all participating Townships money.  The Road Superintendent meets yearly with the County Engineers representative to review the condition of Township roads.  Roads to be resurfaced are selected during the review process, and then Franklin County Engineers prepare an estimated cost for the selected road work.  The estimate is reviewed by the Trustee’s and the Road Superintendent to make sure funding is available, if so and everyone is in agreement with the proposed work, the Trustees approve the estimate and send a letter of acceptance to the County Engineers office to take part in the contract.

2017 Resurfacing Program:


Road repairs started September 20, 2017.  The repairs will be on Westview Ave. and Riverside Dr. and consist of full depth repairs in selected areas only.  Expect short delays during the repairs, traffic will be maintained throughout the project.  Temporary NO PARKING signs will be place in repair areas 48 hours prior to work starting.


Start date is the week of September 25th all paving should be completed by September 29th weather permitting

Repaving of Westview Ave. from Township line near High St. to dead end at river.   Riverside Dr. from Westview Ave. south to dead end weather permitting is currently scheduled for the third or fourth week in September.  Westview Ave. will be milled down and repaved from the Township line at High St. to Riverside Dr. then repaved.  Westview Ave. from Riverside Dr. west to dead end will get a 2” overlay of asphalt.  Riverside Dr. from Westview Ave. south to dead will receive a 2” overlay.  Work should be completed within two to three days from start date.  Traffic will be maintained, however expect short delays throughout the project.  Please drive carefully on new asphalt it takes 24 to 48 hours to cool and set properly depending on weather conditions.  Roads will be posted with Temporary NO PARKING signs 48 hours prior to work starting.  We hope to have the actual starting days as the project gets closer, the weather plays a big factor on exactly when they will start the projects.  Please drive safely and watch for workers as the project begins.