The Fiscal Officer uses two USB Flash Drive digital recorders to capture what is spoken during the Board of Trustees meetings.   Copies of the recordings (MP3 files) are transferred to a CD disk and retained in his office.   The Fiscal Officer has been recording meetings since April 2012. The Fiscal Officer plans to keep up to… Read More

This page contains the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting agenda.    The agenda will be posted on the Tuesday before a meeting and updated prior to the Wednesday night meeting. August 16th  Agenda 2017 August 16 August 2nd   Agenda 2017 August 2 July 12th     Agenda 2017 July 12 June 21st    Agenda 2017 June 21 June 7th      Agenda… Read More

Sharon Township Agenda, Audio and Minutes are available for downloading for subsequent viewing. Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda Fiscal Officer Meeting Audio Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes    … Read More