Thomas A. Kayati is a lifelong resident of Sharon Township and the City of Worthington.  His employment with the Township started in August of 1979.  He was promoted to Supervisor in 1981 and became the Road Superintendent in 1992. During his tenure as Superintendent, Mr. Kayati has secured grant funding to greatly improve the roadways within Sharon Township.  Some of those improvements include reconstructing and resurfacing West Kanawha Avenue, Rosslyn Avenue, Home Acre Drive, and Hildreth Avenue.  Mr. Kayati also took steps to improve snow removal so that snow is removed from Township roads more efficiently while using a minimal amount of material, and instituted the Fall Leaf Program for all areas of Sharon Township.  Mr. Kayati has also taken the lead role for the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for Sharon Township.

Mr. Kayati is also the Superintendent of Walnut Grove and Flint Union Cemeteries.  These cemeteries are owned and operated by Sharon Township and the City of Worthington.  Mr. Kayati is responsible for all sales, interments, burial records, and maintenance in the cemeteries.  He has designed a computer data base program for recording all interments.  These were the first records in the Columbus area to be available on the internet through the Worthington Public Library at


Professional Organizations and Committees:

Served 6 years on The Ohio Cemetery Dispute Resolution Commission

Served on the Executive Committee for the Ohio Association of Cemetery Superintendents and Officials

Current member of the Ohio Cemetery Association