The original boundaries for Sharon Township when it was first established were Morse Road north to the Delaware County line; and Cleveland Avenue west to the old village of Linworth. Most of that area has been incorporated by the cities of Columbus, Westerville, Worthington, and the Village of Riverlea. Those areas not incorporated remain under the jurisdiction of the Sharon Township Board of Trustees to govern; and the responsibility of the Sharon Township Police Department to protect and serve.

The unincorporated areas include
Tremont Gardens Area Emerson Avenue
Milton Avenue
Olentangy Boulevard
Riverside Drive
Rosslynn Avenue
W. Kanawha Avenue
Westview Avenue
Flint RD./Park Rd. Area Bertson Place
Dunhill Drive (Private Drive)
Flint Road Flint Cemetery
Friend Street
Forest Ridge Court
Forest Ridge Drive
Melyers Court
Oak Street Park Road (Intersection of Park Rd. and Flint Road) (Railroad crossing)
Pocono Road
Station Street
West Street
Community Park Area Community Park Drive
Hildreth Avenue
Home Acre Drive
Jewett Drive (East of Maple Canyon Drive)
Maple Canyon Drive
Sharon Hills Area Briarbank Drive
Clover Drive
Larkstone Drive
Linworth Road
Postlewaite Avenue
Sharon Hills Drive
Linworth Area Alrojo St.
Samada Ave.
W. Dublin Granville Rd. (St. Rt. 161) and Olentangy River Rd. Intersection
Worthington Hills Area Clubview Blvd. North
Clubview Blvd. South
Colony Way
Colony Court
Highview Drive
Lookout Point Drive
Mission Hills Lane
Singing Hills Lane
Woods Lane (Private Drive)
Mt. Air Area Ash Drive
Beech Drive
Edgecliff Drive
Elm Drive
Lakeshore Drive
Maple Drive
Mulberry Drive
Oak Drive
Old Woods Drive
Plumtree Drive
Walnut Drive
U.S. 23 Corridor High Street Baptist Church
Camp Mary Orton
Ron Foth Advertising
Windsong Court (Condominiums)
Unincorporated area of roadway from 1-270 north to Delaware County
Interstate 270 Corridor U.S. 23 Interchange
State Route 315 Interchange
State Route 315 Corridor Bethel Road Interchange
Unincorporated area from Bethel Road north to Delaware Count
Olentangy Valley Business District All businesses located in shopping center
North and South office buildings
B. P. Service Station
Marathon Service Station
US Bank
Other Areas 410 W. South Street (Residence)
5600 Karl Road (North Church)
Carruthers Dr. (Private Drive)
Hannawalt Drive (Old Cleveland Avenue N.W.)

Hard Road and State Route 315 Intersection
Hard Road (Unincorporated Area)
Sharon Woods Metro Park (Includes area off Main Street, Westerville)

Olentangy River Road and Linworth Road Intersection
Olentangy River Road (Unincorporated roadway from Bethel Rd. to Wilson Bridge Road)
Linworth Road (Unincorporated roadway from Bethel Rd. to Larkstone Drive)