The original boundaries for Sharon Township when it was first established were Morse Road north to the Delaware County line; and Cleveland Avenue west to the old village of Linworth. Most of that area has been incorporated by the cities of Columbus, Westerville, Worthington, and the Village of Riverlea. Those areas not incorporated remain under… Read More

(614) 885-5115 x402 Email John John H. Oberle has been a trustee since 2006.  Mr. Oberle is a partner with the Ice Miller law firm helping clients deal with the complexities of government and spent 10 years with the State of Ohio working for the Governor’s office and the Ohio Department of Commerce.  With his… Read More

(614) 885-5115 x402 Email Laura Laura Kunze grew up in Worthington and has resided in the unincorporated area (Mount Air) since 2011. She works in healthcare administration and real estate. Laura earned her MBA (masters in business administration) from The Ohio State University. Laura is a passionate advocate for her community, its people, and the… Read More