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Our Township has a great history and continues to evolve to provide the best small government to our residents.  In 1796, the area now known as Sharon Township was part of the U.S. Military District.  In 1803, the region of Ohio was granted statehood, and the division of the state into manageable government bodies began. Townships were originally created for two reasons. The first was to bring the services of local government to those who lived in rural areas. The second was to serve as the basic unit of local government. The Township is no longer rural, the small size of government still allows the best form of representation and service to our residents.

Before Franklin County was established, Sharon Township was originally called Liberty Township and the Township extended into Delaware County. On March 4, 1806, the name was changed to Sharon Township, and the Township was officially established with its current boundaries on March 4, 1816.

The Township is currently comprised of the unincorporated areas of the Township, the City of Worthington, and the Village of Riverlea.


Non-emergency Phone Number Change

The Sharon Twp. Police Department’s non-emergency phone number is 614-525-2125.

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